Our Team

Roger Coryell, Managing Partner
Lark Coryell, Founder
Chandan Kumar, Technology Lead
Cody Ransom, Creative Director

At Brandhound, we’re a team of passionate storytellers, strategists, and technologists dedicated to crafting compelling narratives that drive growth and create lasting impressions. Our team is led by Roger Coryell, our Managing Partner, and Lark Coryell, our Founder. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and a shared vision to our agency.

Roger Coryell, as the Managing Partner, brings his strategic acumen and leadership skills to the forefront, guiding the team towards achieving our clients’ goals. His expertise in digital marketing and his commitment to excellence are instrumental in shaping the narratives we craft.

Our founder, Lark Coryell, is the driving force behind our agency’s vision. Her passion for storytelling and her deep understanding of the digital landscape have been pivotal in shaping Brandhound into the full-service digital marketing agency it is today.

Our team also includes Chandan Kumar, our Technology Lead, and Cody Ransom, our Creative Director. Chandan’s technological expertise ensures that our strategies are backed by the latest digital tools and platforms, while Cody’s creative insights bring our stories to life in the most engaging ways.

Together, we at Brandhound are committed to building your story, creating a vibrant mosaic of experiences, impressions, and feelings that capture the distinct charm of your brand and engrave it in the hearts of your audience.